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Guido von List biography

Wotan’s Awakening is in the works.
It is a tremendous book. To the specialist it will be invaluable.
The book begins in 1848 in Vienna, the beginning of the end for the Austro-Hungarian Empire, “The Years between Revolution and Collapse.” This year was one of unrest and turmoil throughout Europe, and the author describes the situation in Vienna with an unsympathetic view towards the rabble-rousers, the communists and big money as well as the church and the House of Hapsburg-Lothringen who “failed miserably” to address the social questions of the day.
The empire finally collapsed in 1919.
These years from 1848 to 1919 were “characterized by a sparkling radiance, an apocalyptic euphoria, and the sort of morbid impulses that are the… signs of the ultimate end, the macabre collapse… These seventy-one years span the lifetime of Guido von List.”