Wotan’s Awakening

Wotan’s Awakening: The Life and Time of Guido von List

Translated by Annabel Lee, edited and introduced by Michael Moynihan

Guido von List was a popular 19th-century writer, occultist, and researcher. He wrote plays and novels along with essays on his research into Germanic mysteries, the esoteric system of the Runes, and the magical folklore of his native Austria. This exhaustive biography provides an insider’s view of both Guido von List and the dynamic era of fin-de-siècle Vienna. The organization dedicated to his teachings, the Guido von List Society, counted thousands of members and included some of the most influential politicians, industrialists, writers and artists in Germany and Austria. The List Society’s inner magical circle, the High Armanen Order, is described in great detail with extensive appendixes listing members, related organizations and publications. Filled with a wealth of rare illustrations, this biography is the fruit of many decades of intensive research by a sympathetic historian.

Limited clothbound edition available 2010.