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Condition for books is “Very Good +” unless otherwise noted. Prices are based on condition and rarity of each title. This list will be regularly updated. We recommend contacting us by email to confirm availability and reserve books before ordering.

Tiamat #5

(June/July 1991).

Eclectic Lovecraftian literary horror magazine in large oversized format (16” x 11”, 60 pages). Striking color cover art by J. K. Potter. Includes various essays and reviews, including “Lost Souls” by Wilum H. Pugmire and “Nietzscheanism and Realism” by H. P. Lovecraft. The Short Stories section includes a half-dozen stories by Thomas Ligotti, two by Pugmire, one by Edgar Allen Poe, and more. Poems by Poe and others are also included. Artwork reproduced includes images by Thomas Wiloch, Allen Kozowski, Peggy Ransom, and a color section with 3 large H. R. Giger paintings. An unsual, obsessive journal of the sort that is unlikely to be published today, and certainly not in a lavish format such as this. Rare. Overall very good condition. Price: $15.

$15.00 + shipping


The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung

Richard Noll. N.Y.: Random House, 1997.

Interesting if somewhat sensationalistic book by the controversial author of The Jung Cult. This follow-up work to the latter title situates the great psychologist Carl Jung within the currents of occultism, life-reform, neo-paganism, and other radical tendencies in early 20th-century German and European culture. 334 pages. First-edition hardcover with dust jacket.

$15.00 + shipping



The Doctrine of Awakening: A Study on the Buddhist Ascesis

Julius Evola. Translated from the Italian by H. E. Musson. London: Luzac & Co., 1951.

Rare original cloth edition of Evola’s masterful study of the esoteric practices in Buddhism. Original owner’s name crossed out in ink on title page; a few notes in pen to “sources” page; scant notes/underlining in text (about 5 instances). First-edition cloth hardcover. 310 pages.

$70.00 + shipping



The Compleat Witch, or What to Do When Virtue Fails

Anton LaVey. N.Y.: Dodd, Mead, 1971.

Classic how-to guide to diabolical female witchery by Church of Satan founder LaVey. Rare original version, yellow cloth binding, color end-sheets with body chart. 274 pages. First edition hardcover with dust jacket. Some wear to corners and slight fading to spine of jacket; book itself excellent; overall a fine copy.


The Territorial Imperative: A Personal Inquiry into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations

Robert Ardrey. N.Y.: Atheneum, 1966.

An unflinching study of “man, the animal,” which presented a very different vision of the nature of humankind than the nascent apostles of flower-power. Here the author of the controversial book African Genesis “explores more deeply and incisively man’s evolutionary nature and threatens even more forcefully some of our most precious assumptions. In a time when we attribute to man either no instincts at all, or instincts too weak to be of significance, Mr. Ardrey’s conclusions concerning the instinctual force exerted on human life by territory will undoubtedly raise an even greater storm.” Ardrey’s writings were a seminal influence on the thinking of figures such as Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey and artist/musician Boyd Rice. First-edition hardcover, brown cloth, with dust jacket (some wear to peripheries).

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Celtic Sacred Landscapes

Nigel Pennick. London: Thames & Hudson, 1996.

Beautiful study by sympathetic folklorist Pennick of various facets of the traditional and magically vibrant landscape, including chapters on sacred trees, stones, wells, holy mountains, caves and subterranea, earthworks and enclosures, images and temples, trackways and spirit-paths, etc. Includes a “Gazeteer of Notable Celtic Sacred Places.” Elegantly presented with 64 illustrations and dark green edging to text block. First-edition hardcover with dustjacket in new condition. 224 pages.

$25.00 + shipping


Ancient Europe from the Beginnings of Agriculture to Classical Antiquity: A Survey

Stuart Piggott. N.Y.: Aldine, 1980.

Classic overview of early continental European culture from Piggott, author of another seminal study, The Druids. Chapters on various populations from the early agrarian to later Celtic societies. Discussions of numerous cultural aspects from metallurgy to religion and ritual. 340 pages. Hardcover, blue cloth, no dustjacket.

$10.00 + shipping